Cemisil clay tiles are produced in the New Portuguese and New Roman styles in red, white, blended, natural or waterproof.

All clay tile models manufactured by Cemisil have excellent performance, using fewer tiles per m², thus reducing the installation cost and the service will be performed in less time.



Cemisil roofing tiles have a perfect fit, ideal weight for their coverage and for being manufactured with clay, offer better thermal and acoustic comfort.



Telha Portuguesa


Rendimento: 16 peças/m²
Dimensões: L 24 cm x C 40,5 cm
Galga Min.: 33,7 cm
Peso Médio: 2,45 kg Vermelha
Peso Médio: 2,30 kg Branca/Mesclada



Yield: 16,5 pieces/m²
Dimensions: W 22 cm x L 37,5 cm
Min Gauge: 31,5 cm
Average Weight: 2,10 kg Red
Peso Médio: 2,00 kg White / Blended




Yield: 16,5 pieces / m²
Dimensions: W 22 cm x L 37,5 cm
Min. Gauge: 31,5 cm
Average Weight: 2,10 kg Vermelha
Average Weight: 2,00 kg White / Blended


Waterproof Tile

It repels water, slowing the ageing of the tile and giving a new roof appearance for much longer.


White Clay Tile Resin

As much as waterproofing, resin avoids the absorption of water, and because it contains a light colour, it normalises the roofing tonality on both sides, improving your project appearance.

Compact Pallet

The New Portuguese and New Roman clay tiles were developed to obtain the maximum yield with compact measures, practical for storage and transport, another innovation from CEMISIL.
Standard palette: WHL: 1,15 x 1,20 x 1,15 cm


We deliver anywhere in the world

Count on our expertise in transporting tiles to deliver your order anywhere in the world, quickly and safely, your clay tiles are packed and arranged in compact pallets and delivered to your project as fast as estimated by our representatives.

Complete Finishing Line

Half Tile

Average Weight: 1,50 kg
Yield: 3 pieces per linear meter


Average Weight: 0,60 kg
Yield: 5,5 pieces per linear meter

3 Way Ridge

Average Weight: 2,50 kg


Average Weight: 2,40 kg
Yield: 3 pieces per linear meter

Lion's Paw

Average Weight: 2,40 kg


Cemisil manufactures finishings that fit perfectly to the roof.
These pieces are produced in the tiles colours that are displayed on our website.


Above all a roofing with style!


Cemisil has been consolidated in the tiles market for more than 25 years.
Cemisil tiles are made of clay, a naturally impermeable product and with a great thermoacoustic seal, unlike other types of tiles, it does not require a thermal blanket installation.
The quality of the clay of our region is optimal, which, besides the excellent finish, allows the tiles to have a lower weight and better mechanical resistance when compared to tiles from competitors.
The Cemisil tiles meet the standards required by ABNT / NBR 15310/09, with the necessary quality for the best coverage, combining an ancient product with the most advanced production techniques on the market.
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Technical Specifications of New Portuguese and New Roman

Setting the tiles

The side trim (half tile) must be screwed to the woodwork. In regions with a lot of wind or sloping roofs, the tiles that make up the eaves and some roof tiles must also be fixed to the woodwork.

The last batten spaced 3 cm from the centre axis

The ripening can only be done with the tiles in the construction project, small variations are admissible due to the wear of the forms and the difference in the properties of the white and red clay. Cemisil tiles comply with the standards ABNT / NBR 15310/09

Rip / Gauge

First slat 1 cm higher than the others
10 cm Dripper


Roof Mounting

After the wood is properly installed and aligned, the installation of the tiles begins, placing the first tile in the lower part to the right of the roof, engaging the other tiles until reaching the highest point. At this point, it is important to check the distance of the slats and if necessary make adjustments to obtain the best fit possible, when possible, the woodwork must be repositioned in order to avoid trimming the tiles.

Extend the placement of the tiles in the first row (eaves) until reaching the left end of the roof. Before continuing the placement of the tiles, you should check the alignment of the roof to achieve the most perfect possible placement of the tiles

Perform the placement of the tiles in the core of the roof, bottom to top, row by row from right to left of the roof, maintaining alignment. For faster and more efficient placement, the tiles should be stacked 8 out of 8 units and distributed in regular spaces over the timber.

Finish the roof with the appropriate Cemisil Finishings.

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Cemisil is proud to be a Green company!

Cemisil is committed to the environment, our clay deposits are consciously exploited without harming nature and respecting local flora and fauna.

The wood we use in our furnaces is exclusively extracted from plantations specially cultivated for this purpose.

Value nature, value your home, choose Cemisil.